NeoPolemics is an iconoclastic opinion platform dedicated to giving high-quality, contrarian thinkers a place to safely share their thoughts and polemics.

Launching Q4 2017

Purpose-built to archive social content, IdeaSave is ideally situated to preserve the integrity of conversations and social content.

Currently in Public Testing

Ironystock is an experimental new media concept, combining music production, video production and political commentary, it is our purest creative outlet.

Currently Live; YouTube, SoundCloud

rd140 is an easy utility to bring social conversations to life with speech and avatar interaction, helping to bridge the empathy gap in social media.

In Development

Trowel is the modern content suite allowing creators & start-up media teams to focus on content, reach & audience, leaving the operational challenges to us.

In Development

Wutsit is a data-driven promotional, curation and discovery platform for independent media creators and companies.

Currently in Private Testing